The Great Police Violence Cover-Up

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Perhaps the saddest thing is: We don’t really know what the truth is. We don’t really know if Killer Mike—his voice breaking on stage this week after the Ferguson grand jury decision—is correct in his perception that America’s police departments are less protectors of the peace than monstrous “war machines” leveled against the nation’s poor and minorities.

Certainly we are seeing those kinds of sentiments expressed in protests in cities across the country, which are so reminiscent of previous bursts of inner-city rage—after the 1991 beating of Rodney King in L.A., or the 1999 shooting of Amadou Diallo in New York. But no one knows for sure how serious the problem is—now, or then—because there simply are no reliable national data on police violence in the United States. The data are lacking because police departments keep almost all those numbers to themselves, in defiance of a 20-year-old federal law—the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act—requiring the Justice Department to compile an annual report on “the use of excessive force” by police.

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From Russia with Loan: Marine Le Pen’s Front National Does Murky Deal with Kremlin Bank

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The €9m (£7m) that French rising star of politics Front National (FN) borrowed from a Russian lender may be just the tip of the iceberg, as fresh reports indicate that Marine Le Pen’s party is in talks with a Kremlin-linked bank to get the staggering figure of €40m in total.

Investigative news site Mediapart, who first broke the story about the deal with Moscow-based First Czech Russian Bank (FCRB), owned by pro-Kremlin oligarch Roman Popov, said that the party is looking for another €31m soon.

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Hillary Clinton Paid Up To $300,000 For Delivering Speeches

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Prior to Clinton’s scheduled appearance at UCLA, her representatives requested a case of still water, at room temperature, to be deposited stage right. They also asked that “a carafe of warm/hot water, coffee cup, and saucer, a pitcher of room temperature water, water glass, and lemon wedges” be positioned on a table and on the stage, as well as in an additional room where Hillary would stand for a photo opportunity.

Additionally, Clinton’s representatives requested: “Coffee, tea, room temp sparkling and still water, diet ginger ale, crudité, hummus and sliced fruit” for the green room. They also made a request for a computer, mouse, printer, and scanner. In addition to the $300,000 “special university rate,” the university had to pay for these added demands as well in order to accommodate the former First Lady and Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton is adamant about her demands to travel in style. She insists on staying in the “presidential suite” of luxury hotels. Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Hillary Clinton would accept nothing less than flying in a $39 million, 16-passenger Gulfstream G450, or larger, private jet.

Clinton was also paid $225,000 for a speech she delivered at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. At the same time, officials at the university raised the school’s tuition by 17 percent over the next four years. As a result of the increase in tuition costs, student government leaders intended to protest the former Secretary of State’s visit. They wrote a letter to Clinton requesting that she return the $225,000 fee to the university. Clinton did deliver her speech at the university.

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Thousands without power on Thanksgiving after US storm

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A winter storm that wreaked travel chaos across the US northeast wound down Thursday, but hundreds of thousands of people were left without power on the Thanksgiving holiday. About 300,000 people suffered power outages in the wake of the storm, reported. Hard-hit areas included New Hampshire, where the public utility company said about 174,000 were affected as of noon Thursday. Central Maine Power said 74,000 customers were without electricity.

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Hillary Must Have Lemon Wedges, Special Pillows When Giving $300K Speeches

If we are to coronate Queen Hillary then we should treat her like royalty.

If you’ve ever wondered what Hillary Clinton needs in order to be the best Hillary Clinton she can be, today is your lucky day. Somehow, the Washington Post, via a very clever FOIA request, got their hands on Hillary Clinton’s rider for a $300,000 speech she delivered at UCLA.

According to the documents, Clinton’s representatives at the Harry Walker Agency “exerted considerable control over her appearance and managed even the smallest details,” requesting, among other things, a platter of crudité and hummus, a scanner (which UCLA had to buy), and a bowl of lemon wedges backstage.

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For Millions of Americans On Thanksgiving There Is Little To Be Thankful For

Corporations that are making records profits refuse to hire people at a living wage. They should at least provide funding for soup kitchens and homeless shelters. They are not even doing that:

Last week a report by the National Center of Family Homelessness (NCFH) revealed that over 2.5 million children, mostly in poverty-wage families are homeless. The reason is the “lingering effects of the Great Recession and low wages” that keep them living in cars, tents, or if they are fortunate, homeless shelters. However, there are currently approximately 578,424 homeless people living in the United States whom have no shelter at all. For those people, not only do they have to battle the elements to survive, and many do not, they face an increasingly good chance of running afoul of the law for being poor and homeless.

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How a false media narrative made Ferguson worse

This is a fair article. The American people were poorly served by a press that is interested in only spectacle of Ferguson. Their first concern should be justice:

It was a split-screen spectacle, the president of the United States appealing for calm while Ferguson was starting to erupt in flames.

As Obama was saying “there is inevitably going to be some negative reaction, and it will make for good TV,” the images of tear gas and looting were competing for attention.

I don’t know that anything the president said at that point could have deterred the protestors and agitators after no indictment was returned, and here’s why: They were reacting to a media narrative that hardened into cement soon after the tragedy. And we now know that narrative was filled with misinformation.

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