Police Stopped Pursuing 79,000 fugitives

Nationwide, police and prosecutors quietly told the FBI they had abandoned their pursuit of nearly 79,000 accused felons during the past year and a half, a USA TODAY investigation found. They have given up chasing people charged with armed robbery and raping children, usually without informing their victims. Police in one county in California reported they would no longer pursue three of their most-wanted fugitives and a man charged with a murder for which prosecutors have sought the death penalty.

via Police stop pursuing nearly 79,000 fugitives.

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U.S. Is Not Prepared For Nuclear Terrorist Attack And Natural Catastrophe, Years Away From Adequate Medical Treatment

Very reassuring. But we’ve known this for some time: the government is totally worthless in protecting and defending our country:

The federal government is not fully prepared to handle a nuclear terrorist attack or other sort of large-scale natural catastrophe, and in some cases is years away from ensuring adequate emergency shelter and medical treatment for U.S. citizens, congressional investigators have found.

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Do We Really Want Bill Clinton in the White House Again–this Time with Nothing to do?

Bill Clinton’s Picture With Young Blonde Goes Viral, Twitter Runs Wild With Speculation (PHOTO)

The picture, reportedly taken at Manhattan’s Rainbow Room on Tuesday night, seems to have especially provided Twitter users a lot of amusement, with some even cropping out the wife in their retweets.

“It was at a recent function with the Catsimatidis family that the buzz-building photo was apparently taken, with the former president assuming a ‘familiar’ pose that brought out the Twitter snark hounds,” Western Journalism reported.

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Whistle-Blower on Countrywide Mortgage Misdeeds to Get $57 Million

This is the way a whistle blower should be treated. But, once again, no one is going to jail. That has to change. Too-big-to-jail has got to go:

A former Countrywide Financial executive who became a whistle-blower is collecting more than $57 million for helping federal prosecutors force Bank of America to pay a record $16.65 billion penalty in connection with its role in churning out shoddy mortgage and related securities before the financial crisis.

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Joe Scarborough on Another Clinton or Bush in the White House: “Is our Democracy Really that Weak?”

Morning Joe on the Clinton, Bush dynasties

Joe Scarborough, on his program Morning Joe today, decried a potential Bush or Clinton presidential election victory in 2016. That would mean a Bush or Clinton family member potentially controlling the White House for 36 out of the last 44 years. Scarborough, equates it to a “South America land holding family situation.” I think he is referring to an oligarchy, which are found throughout the World and history. Ironic since we fought a revolution to overthrow oligarchic government.

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S&P: Wealth gap slowing U.S. economic growth

Now Even major capitalist institutions Agree income inequality is bad for the economy:

Economists have long argued that a rising wealth gap has complicated the U.S. rebound from the recession.

Now, an analysis by the rating agency Standard & Poor’s lends its weight to the argument, saying the widening gap between the wealthiest Americans and everyone else has made the economy more prone to boom-bust cycles and slowed the 5-year-old recovery from the recession.

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America’s wealth gap between middle-income and upper-income families is widest on record

The wealth gap between America’s high income group and everyone else has reached record high levels since the economic recovery from the Great Recession of 2007-09, with a clear trajectory of increasing wealth for the upper-income families and no wealth growth for the middle- and lower-income families.

via America’s wealth gap between middle-income and upper-income families is widest on record | Pew Research Center.

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Massachusetts Pharmacy Owners Arrested in Meningitis Deaths

Pure evil. Profit at the expense of people’s lives:

Fourteen employees of a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy were charged Wednesday in connection with a fungal meningitis outbreak that killed 64 people in several states, the United States attorney’s office in Boston said.

Among those arrested were three members of the family whose business empire included the pharmacy — Gregory, Douglas and Carla Conigliaro — and Barry Cadden, a brother-in-law, who was also an owner. They were taken into custody in their homes before sunrise on Wednesday, a spokeswoman for the United States attorney’s office said, Christina DiIorio-Sterling, said.

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