60% of Americans Want an Alternative to Republicrats

It is the perfect demonstration of the two-party lock on power in the United States. Not only do Democrats and Republicans maintain a hold on government at all levels, there are favored dynasties within those parties.

“There is no way you can call this a democracy,” former Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein said in a conversation with Sputnik.

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Hillary Clinton In New Poll: Not Looking so Invincible

Hillary Clinton’s lead over potential 2016 Democratic rivals has shrunk considerably, a new poll finds.

According to the poll, from ABC News and the Washington Post, 61% of likely Democratic voters say they would vote for Clinton. This is down from last month’s lead of 63%, and January’s 73%. This latest poll was conducted earlier this month and released on Sunday.

Vice President Joe Biden is a distant second with 14% of the potential vote.

Mass. Senator Elizabeth Warren comes in third at 13%. The same survey last month found that she was only commanding 11% of the vote. In January, that number was only 9%. Warren has repeatedly denied that she is seeking a bid for president.

via Hillary Clinton Support Dips In New Poll.

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Violence Against and by Police are Equally Evil



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U.S. Providing Attack Helicopters to Egypt Despite Human Rights Abuses

Why is the U.S. government sending advanced attack helicopters to Egypt at a time when the government is committing horrific human rights abuses? Those weapons can easily be used to The excuse is to fight terrorismsuppress dissent in the country. Egypt’s military rulers have also been making anti-American statements for months:

Egypt received 10 Apache helicopters from the United States in the past week, security sources said on Saturday, a sign of easing tensions between the long-time allies confronting Islamist extremism across the region.

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CIA Won’t Punish Those Involved in Spying on Senate Staffers

A crime was committed. Those involved should be going to jail. Apparently, the CIA has friends in his places. What does Obama think?

A panel investigating the CIA’s search of a computer network used by U.S. Senate staff will not recommend disciplining the agency officials involved in the incident, according to the New York Times.

The review panel is looking into the search by agency officials of staffers from the Senate Intelligence Committee who were investigating the CIA’s use of torture in interrogations of detainees after the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States.

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NYPD COP who Punched Innocent Teenager is suspended

They just don’t get it. Despite all the protests and outrage we still mindless, irrational police violence. Obviously law enforcement in this country is unaccountable. We must demand that the politicians hold them accountable. This would not be happening if government didn’t allow it to happen:

A New York police officer captured on a smartphone video punching a black teenager during an arrest has been suspended, according to news reports.

The incident occurred Monday after police responded to a report of someone being assaulted with a cane and officers took two black youths into custody, according to CBS New York.  The charges against the youths were dropped before the video was released, according to the New York Daily News.

As three unformed officers struggled to handcuff one of the youths, the video shows a fourth plainclothes officer — identified by the Daily News as John McDevitt of the 7th Precinct – running up from behind and delivering two blows to the teen’s backside, although it remains unclear whether he was resisting arrest. Several bystanders, including one who later identifies herself as a lawyer and asks for the officer’s badge number, yell at the officer to stop. Police identified the youth as 16-year-old Denzel Funderburk, according to CBS.

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State Department Issues Travel Alert

The U.S. State Department has issued a worldwide travel alert in response to a lone wolf attack in Australia earlier this week that resulted in the deaths of two hostages.

The department said the assault on a cafe in Sydney, Australia, on Monday is “a reminder that U.S. citizens should be extra cautious, maintain a very high level of vigilance, and take appropriate steps to enhance their personal security.” The travel alert will expire March 19.

via State Department issues worldwide travel alert.

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Police Stopped Pursuing 79,000 fugitives

Nationwide, police and prosecutors quietly told the FBI they had abandoned their pursuit of nearly 79,000 accused felons during the past year and a half, a USA TODAY investigation found. They have given up chasing people charged with armed robbery and raping children, usually without informing their victims. Police in one county in California reported they would no longer pursue three of their most-wanted fugitives and a man charged with a murder for which prosecutors have sought the death penalty.

via Police stop pursuing nearly 79,000 fugitives.

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