Video: Shepard Smith Denounces Irresponsible Ebola Reports

Although Shepard Smith works for FOX News that did not keep him from being responsible and telling the truth about Ebola. He mocks those who are unnecessarily frightening Americans. He doesn’t, of course, criticize his networks role in the fear mongering. We can forgive him for that. He did the right thing.

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Americans Consider Inequality World’s Greatest Danger

And the people are right. And so was Occupy, whom made this issue mainstream. So why isn’t this the top story every night on the evening news? The politicians and big business should be paying attention. Because it is that inequality that will lead to revolution someday soon. Again.

Nuclear weapons. Ethnic conflict. Global warming. Americans have a lot to be worried about these days. But what do they see as the biggest threat to the world? Inequality.

Americans aren’t alone. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, Europeans, too, rank inequality as the top threat. People in the Middle East, meanwhile, are most concerned about religious and ethnic hatreds, while Asians worry about pollution and the environment. For Latin Americans, nuclear weapons pose the greatest global threat, and for people in African nations, it’s AIDS and other diseases. Note that the survey was conducted between March 17 and June 5 — before either ISIS or Ebola had become big international stories.

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Company Accused Of Committing Fraud Will Pay Just $1 Million To Settle — Without Admitting Anything

This is pure farce. There are 2 standards of justice in America. There is one for the corporations and then there is the rest of us:

A high-speed trading company the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) believes committed fraud will pay $1 million to put the matter to rest — without admitting or denying the charges.

…The settlement documents do not say how much Athena netted from the alleged violations or provide any information about how the parties arrived at the one million dollar figure. The agency declined to comment on the sum, on its policies about settlements in cases like this one, and on the decision to allow Athena to pay without conceding that it had broken the rules or even agreeing that the SEC’s version of events is accurate.

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Two-Thirds Of Americans Are Restricting Spending: Bankrate Survey

Americans are not spending because they barely have enough to make ends meet. Wages are not keeping up with the cost of living. And if Americans don’t spend the the economy goes nowhere. It doesn’t help that corporations making record profits refuse to hire. And the only jobs created are low paying:

Two-thirds of Americans are restricting their spending, according to a monthly survey, an ominous sign for retailers as they stock shelves for the holiday season. Of those limiting their spending, 32 percent say stagnant income is the main reason (the same portion that said so last year), another 29 percent cite the need to save more, and 16 percent say they worry about the economy.

“Sustainable growth in household income is the missing ingredient from this economic recovery and the leading culprit for why consumers are holding back on monthly spending,” said Greg McBride, chief financial analyst.

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Hong Kong Police Charge Leaves Protesters Injured

Hong Kong police charged protesters gathered at a barricade early Sunday, leaving many requiring medical treatment just hours after the government confirmed talks aimed at ending three weeks of pro-democracy rallies.

Police in heavy riot gear rained blows on protesters in the northern district of Mongkok, with some carried off on stretchers and others treated for head wounds, fractures and bruising, according to AFP journalists and medics at the scene.

via Hong Kong police charge leaves protesters injured – Business Insider.

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New Koch Super PAC Reports Donors

Some of the most powerful political committees faced a deadline this week to reveal how much cash they raised and spent during July, August and September.

It was likely to be one the last times before Nov. 4’s elections that voters could see how millions of dollars were flowing into outside campaign groups.

via New Koch super PAC reports donors | Political Gaze | Wisconsin Gazette – Smart, independent and revealing. News, opinion and entertainment coverage.

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WikiLeaks’ free trade documents reveal ‘drastic’ Australian concessions

Free trade agreements are being forced on the World’s population by Western governments on behalf of multi-national corportions. The objective: to enslave the labor. If we don’t begin to fight back we will become little more than serfs. And with will come dictatorships everywhere. It’s already happening.

Secret negotiations over the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement have apparently been breached by another leak of material which shows Australian consumers could pay more for cancer medicines and face criminal penalties for non-commercial copyright breaches.

The publication on WikiLeaks of the intellectual property (IP) chapter comes on the eve of the latest round of negotiations in Australia between the 12 member countries, Australia, the US, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Peru, Chile, Brunei and New Zealand.

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