The Miami March for an Increase in the Minimum Wage

Are we seeing the rise of a grassroots movement for an increase in the minimum wage? Obviously we can’t depend on this President. He has remained completely silent despite his campaign promises. And the left has enabled his treachery. They are too busy trying to get Obama re-elected in the mistaken belief that he is better than Romney. He is just as much anti-labor as the GOP candidate.

We don’t need them. Let’s demand what is a right–a living wage:

Wielding signs under the blazing July sun, 200 people rallied at Bayfront Park Tuesday afternoon to encourage Congress to increase the federal minimum wage.

Members of local advocacy group 1Miami were joined by other supporters and minimum wage workers to argue against keeping wages low in a time when cost of living continues to increase. The minimum wage in Florida is $7.67 per hour, slightly higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25, last adjusted in 2009.

If minimum wage kept up with inflation, according to 1Miami, workers would be earning $10.55 per hour.

“Their fight is our fight, their struggle is our struggle,” 1Miami director Eric Brakken told the crowd gathering around the Challenger Memorial.


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