'Meet The Press' Transcript (9-9-12)

Full transcript. Excerpt below:

GREGORY:  And we are really kicking off the final stretch, the fall of campaign.  How do you feel?  You feel like you’re winning?  Do you feel like you’re losing?  Where do you think things are?

MR. ROMNEY:  I think we’re making real progress.  I– I don’t think I was as well known, of course, as the president and– and so we had a convention and I got better known, people got to see Ann and hear our story and– and the result of that is I’m better known, for better or for worse.  And that allows me to continue to hammer away on what I do to get America on the right track.  And I have really two months to be able to convince people I can do a better job than the incumbent.  I think I can do that.  So I’m in a better spot than I was before the convention.

GREGORY:  It’s tough to beat an incumbent, as you well know.  Do you feel like an underdog or do you feel like you’re right in this thing?

MR. ROMNEY:  I think it’s tough to beat an incumbent if the incumbent’s record is good.  I think this incumbent has a very challenged record and– jobs numbers that have come out this week as well as the performance over the last three and a half years suggest that this is a president that has not been able to deliver on his promises.  People are dissatisfied with where he’s taken the country and that gives me an opportunity which might not have been available had he done what he said he would do.

GREGORY:  I want to ask you about the news of the day, these job numbers, pretty anemic growth, less than a hundred thousand jobs created last month.  And yet it’s striking because here you have the stock market at the highest level since 2007.  I spoke to a top prominent business leader today who said the underpinnings of the economy right now are terrific.  It’s prime to take off.  And yet we seem to be relatively speaking in a jobless recovery.  What do you think is going on?

MR. ROMNEY:  I think it is a jobless recovery and– and if it’s a recovery at all.  It really doesn’t look like a recovery.  You’re– you’re not seeing the kind of job growth that keeps up with population growth.  You’re not seeing any wage growth, so it’s– it’s not at all what a recovery’s supposed to look like.  It’s really not the kind of recovery people had expected.  Normally when things go down as deeply as they did they come rebounding, but it’s now been how many months?  Forty-three months with unemployment above eight percent.  And this last month, it was surprising to me, it was not only the anemic job growth, but that three or four times as many people dropped out of the labor force as were added as net new job holders.  I mean, this– this is– this is really saying that people are having a hard time finding work.  It’s very, very troubling.  And of course the stock market does well in part because the indication by the Fed that they’re going to print more money, pour more money into the system, says we’re likely to have down the road high inflation.  And where else are you going to go?  If interest rates are going to be near zero investors have to go somewhere to protect against inflation.  The stock market’s the only place to go.


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