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How do you solve a problem like Bill Clinton?

How do you solve a problem like Bill Clinton?

We knew another Clinton scandal was coming.

Earlier this week, it was reported that The New York Times and other news organizations had teamed up with Peter Schweizer, the author of Clinton Cash, a forthcoming book investigating the Clintons’ ties to foreign governments and businesses. On Thursday, we saw the first fruit of that collaboration: a big investigative report by the Times showing that from 2009 to 2013, Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved a series of acquisitions that handed Russia’s atomic energy agency control over “one-fifth of all uranium production in the United States.”

The problem? The Canadian magnates behind the deal had donated tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, while a Russian investment bank with an interest in the deal paid Bill Clinton a cool $500,000 for a single speech in Moscow.

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NY Times Editorial: Governor Cuomo Broke his Promise to “Clean up Albany”

More than four years ago, while announcing his campaign for governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo stood in front of the Tweed Courthouse in downtown Manhattan and said Albany’s antics “could make Boss Tweed blush.”

New York had had enough corruption, he said, and he was going to put a stop to it. “Job 1 is going to be to clean up Albany,” he said, “and make the government work for the people.”

Mr. Cuomo became governor on that platform and recorded several impressive achievements, but he failed to perform Job 1. The state government remains as subservient to big money as ever, and Mr. Cuomo resisted and even shut down opportunities to fix it. Because he broke his most important promise, we have decided not to make an endorsement for the Democratic primary on Sept. 9.


via Governor Cuomo’s Failure on Ethics Reform Hinders an Endorsement – NYTimes.com.

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Jon Stewart Runs Andrew Cuomo Through The Ringer Over Anti-Corruption Panel

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo got the full treatment on Thursday night’s “Daily Show,” and not the kind reserved for a beloved celeb or a guest pushing a new book.

Host Jon Stewart tore into Cuomo for creating an anti-corruption panel and then allegedly interfering with its work when the panel began to look at those close to him.


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Massage Therapists, Chiropractors Wrote Drug Prescriptions They Shouldn’t Have—and Medicare Paid

In 2009, massage therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors and other professionals wrote hundreds of thousands of drug prescriptions without the authority to do so.

In some cases these were controlled substances like oxycodone, but Medicare Part D, which covers prescription drugs, paid for them anyway.

A report by the Department of Health and Human Services’ inspector general outlines how, in 2009, Medicare’s prescription-drug benefit paid for prescriptions written by health and health-related professionals who did not have the authority to write them under Medicare’s rules. Prescriptions were written by massage therapists, athletic trainers, dietitians, audiologists, opticians, contractors, home health aides, interpreters, transportation companies, lodging companies, speech-language assistants, music and art therapists, nursing technicians, veterinarians.

via Massage Therapists, Chiropractors Wrote Drug Prescriptions They Shouldn’t Have—and Medicare Paid – ABC News.

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NY State Senator Arrested in Alleged Plot to Rig NYC Mayor's Race

New York state Sen. Malcolm Smith and New York City Councilman Dan Halloran were arrested Tuesday in an alleged plot to rig the New York City mayor’s race, federal authorities said.

Four other political figures also were charged in what U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara called “an unappetizing smorgasbord of graft and greed involving six officials who together built a corridor of corruption stretching from Queens and the Bronx to Rockland County and all the way up to Albany itself.”

via NY state sen. arrested in alleged mayor race plot – Yahoo! News.

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A Felon, But He'll Probably Be Re-Elected Anyway

And then we wonder we have such lousy government. The politicians are so arrogant and the public so indifferent they think they can get away with anything. And we let them. So either stop complaining people or vote third party. Don’t be a spectator while the politicians destroy this country. You have a duty to participate in the electoral process and not choose crooks:

Former state House Speaker Bill DeWeese is campaigning for another term, though earlier this month, he gave a farewell address on the Pennsylvania House floor.

It’s not that DeWeese expects to lose. In fact, he’s running unopposed. It’s just that the day he wins the primary, the 17-term Democrat will become constitutionally ineligible to keep serving.

Actually, He’s Not Technically A Felon — Yet

In February, DeWeese was convicted of five corruption charges. A jury ruled he had used about $100,000 worth of state resources to conduct campaign work. The case was part of a long-running state corruption investigation that has led to the conviction of four legislators, plus one acquittal. When DeWeese emerged from the courtroom, he didn’t apologize.

“I certainly feel I did nothing wrong,” he said.

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GSA Boss Resigns Over $820,000 Vegas Conference

GSA Boss Resigns Over $820,000 Vegas Conference – http://pulse.me/s/7Lk77

Martha Johnson, the chief of the General Services Administration, resigned yesterday amid reports that a four-day 2010 conference in Nevada cost taxpayers $820,000. The agency, which oversees administrative and management duties for the government, also fired two top staffers and suspended four managers for the wild weekend just outside of Las Vegas, after which, “GSA employees created an internal website that featured photos and videos of the conference highlights. It was not taken down until last week.

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Susan Collins pushes at NOAA's Silence on Agency's Abuses

Collins said Carper and Brown, among “several of my colleagues, … have experienced considerable difficulties getting answers from NOAA regarding the management of the Asset Forfeiture Fund, the integrity and accountability of those managing the fund, the disposition of the $300,000 luxury boat and what, if any disciplinary actions have been taken against employees found culpable in the misuse of the fund.”

via Newsvine – Susan Collins pushes at NOAA’s silence on agency’s abuses — Politics — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine.

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Washington D.C.: The Adultery Capital of America

Although it’s no surprise, we should be appalled nonetheless. And if they cheat on the one’s they love they’ll certainly cheat America. But adultery is only a symptom. It’s the culture of corruption that is the problem in Washington. Because we all know power corrupts :

D.C. is the best city in the country for people looking to cheat in their relationships, according to a website that facilitates adultery.

More people per capita in the D.C. metropolitan area sign up for the website Ashley Madison than in any other city, according to the site, which helps people looking to stray. Washington has the highest per capita membership among the site’s 13 million users, The Washington Post reports.

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Mayoral candidate says rival sent topless dancer


Scandals and dirty politics have long defined this dusty border town. So when a woman started dancing topless in mayoral candidate Gerardo Hernandez’s office, he says it crossed his mind it could be a setup.

“But then I thought to myself, you’re not that important, who would set you up?” Hernandez said in an interview Thursday.

It all started, Hernandez said, after a Mexican national fleeing threats south of the border offered to assist his campaign. During a meeting, Hernandez said, the man turned on some music and indicated the woman who was with him liked to dance. The dance turned sexual, Hernandez said, but there was no sex — just a dance.

“As any gentleman would know, it was a lap dance,” he said.

And all the while, Hernandez says, he was being taped without his knowledge.

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