Phone Hacking Scandal Went Far Beyond Media Industry: Report


The phone hacking scandal rocking Britain extends well beyond the media industry to include law firms, debt collectors and other companies, a newspaper said Saturday.

The scandal has already sent shockwaves across the U.K. with revelations that journalists routinely intercepted voicemails, bribed public officials, and hacked into computers in their search for scoops.

The Independent, citing a leaked report from Britain’s Serious and Organized Crime Agency and an unnamed person familiar with its content, said that many others were in on the shady practices — including businessmen, attorneys, and debt collectors.

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Sky News: We Hacked And We're Proud of It

What incredible arrogance. This is even worse than the U.S. press. Sky and Murdoch think they can break the law in the public interest. Scary:

Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News channel twice authorized its reporters to hack into computers, a potentially embarrassing revelation that could further dent the media tycoon’s hope of acquiring full control over satellite broadcaster BSkyB.

Sky News said in a statement that in one case it broke into emails belonging to Anne and John Darwin, the so-called “canoe couple” who became notorious in Britain after the latter faked his own death in a boating accident as part of an elaborate insurance scam.

It acknowledged intercepting the couple’s emails, but said that the material was later handed to police and insisted it had done nothing wrong.

“We stand by these actions as editorially justified and in the public interest. We do not take such decisions lightly or frequently,” Sky News chief John Ryley said in a statement.

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